Q: how come you don't promote people, thats really rude

Well mainly because I DON’T HAVE TO. I use to promote people and in return people were rude to me and complained because I can’t promote everyone and then i’d only get people following me for that reason which is pretty pathetic. I don’t think I directly asked anyone to promote me when I started Tumblr, if you’re so in need of followers then do something different with your blog, make it interesting instead of spamming people to get them to promote you. I’m not being rude. I got over only waking up to message from people saying “Hey can I have a promo”, like fuck even people I know personally would only start a convo with me because of the amount of followers I have to sly ask for a promo. Ehh just go away if you’re going to whinge.  

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Q: thoughts on anal sex?

Shut up

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